Course Outline

Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners (CertTEYL)

    1. Why do I need to sign up again?!

    2. Enrollment Form

    1. Course Instructions

    2. Course Objectives, Layout, and Grading

    3. Section 1: Should You Be Teaching Children?

    4. Section 1: TASK 1

    5. Section 1: Should You Be Teaching Children? Observations and Feedback

    6. Section 2: The Science of TEYL

    7. Section 3: Your Course Workbook

    8. Your TEYL Workbook

    9. Section 4: Study Tips

    10. Section 5: Discussion Board ++Discussion Board ++Share Anything

    1. Contact Tutor + Grades Chart

    1. Introduction

    2. Section 1: Defining a Young Learner

    3. Section 1: Defining a Young Learner - Super EASY Quiz

    4. Section 1: TEYL Workbook

    5. Section 2: First Language Development + TASKS 2, 3, and 4

    6. Section 2: TEYL Workbook

    7. Section 3: Learning a Second Language (L2) + Reading 2 SUBMISSION

    8. Section 3: TEYL Workbook

    9. Section 4: Parenting, Communication, and Well-Being + Task 5 SUBMISSION ++Discussion Board

    10. Section 4: TEYL Workbook

    11. Section 5: Psychological Development: The Role of Motivation ++Share Anything

    12. Section 5: TEYL Workbook

    1. Section 6: Social Development + Task 6 SUBMISSION

    2. Section 6: TEYL Workbook

    3. Section 7: Intellectual Development

    4. Section 7: TEYL Workbook

    5. Section 8: Physical Development and TPR

    6. Section 8: TEYL Workbook

    7. Section 9: Cultural Considerations ++Discussion Board

    8. Section 9: TEYL Workbook

    9. Section 10: Interaction Strategy or Philosophy ++Share Anything

    10. Section 10: TEYL Workbook (mini-Task 2)

    1. Assignment 1 Choose ONE : Choice A OR Choice B

    2. Choice A - Profile A Child

    3. Choice B - Letter to the "Education Fairy"

About this course

  • 10 hours of one-to-one personal tutoring included
  • Discussion Board and Workbook
  • 6 modules and 126 sections -- please click on "Show more" to see the full course outline.

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International Recognition

For the past two decades the CertTEYL course has been the highest standard for quality and excellence for those who teach English to children.

  • Providing the CertTEYL for 20 years with thousands of graduates.

  • Course graduates from around the globe are our best ambassadors and are happy to recommend our course.

  • Created by teachers and the only course that focuses directly on teaching English to children. We're not an add-on to another course.

Success Story

Raigan Bastianoni-Stoerzer from Germany

"I already have a MA TESOL and this course was precisely what I needed in order to move into the field of teaching children."

"Much of the linguistic and second language acquisition material was already familiar to me but I benefited greatly from the units which highlighted the teaching of children, and their emotional and intellectual development."

"The practical suggestions for the classroom were invaluable, and it helped to be able to consult with my tutor on a professional level and ask his advice concerning the course as it progressed PLUS ask for his advice in regards to incidents which occurred in my YL classroom."

"I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants a challenge and the opportunity to improve themselves professionally."
Raigan Bastianoni-Stoerzer - American ESL teacher working in Germany. She obtained her Master's degree in TESOL from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.

More about the CertTEYL

Here is some more important information about the course.

  • Course Workbook "Wobo"

    You fill in this electronic workbook with your own notes and ideas. The workbook also includes lists and links from the course. The best part is that at the end of the course, your workbook is converted into a PDF file that you can store or print for your own reference.

  • Online Course

    Start at any time. Work at your own pace. Requires 14-16 weeks to complete BUT you have up to 52 weeks to finish.

    Take your time to learn and enjoy the process.

  • Course Tutors

    You will be assigned a personal tutor who will help you throughout the course from beginning to end. Our tutors all have classroom experience in teaching English to children.

    All CertTEYL tutors are kind, compassionate, open-minded, fair, willing to listen to new ideas, and ready to answer all of your questions.

Do you need more reasons to take the CertTEYL course?

We are very proud of our CertTEYL course and we think that you can benefit from it in many ways.  This course has stood the test of time and now -- in its renewed and relaunched version -- offers you even more.


The most frequently asked questions about our CertTEYL course

  • Who is the CertTEYL course for?

    Ideally for those who teach English to children ages 6 to 12 BUT also helpful for those who teach very young learners and teens - ages 3 to 15.

    A professional certificate primarily for those who teach English overseas. For ESL, EFL, ESOL, or EAL teachers.

  • Can I take this course?

    YES, IF...

    1. You already teach ESL/EFL to children or adults
    2. OR you are any type of qualified teacher with professional standing
    3. OR you work with children outside of a classroom setting
    4. OR you have been hired to teach ESL/EFL to children.
    5. If you're not sure, just ask us and we
    can help you to determine if you're qualified.

    Am I qualified? QUIZ

    NOTE: You must be at least 21 years old to take this course. In certain countries, we may allow those who are at least 18 years old take the course. Please contact us for details.

  • How will I be evaluated? Are there any exams?

    There are no tests or exams in the course. Instead, you complete a series of tasks and assignments. Don't worry, it's more about completing the work than giving perfect answers.

    You also keep a workbook with all of the notes you create from taking the course. At the end of the course there is a set of certification tasks that you must complete to receive the Certificate in TEYL (CertTEYL). Your tutor will help you with these tasks.

  • Do I get a physical certificate?

    Your certificate will be issued through the Accredible system. This means that your digital certificate (and digital badge) are encrypted and can be shared online with employers or universities as a secure/valid qualification.

    You can still print out a paper certificate if you wish.

  • How long will it take me to finish the course?

    The course is equivalent of 120 hours of classroom work. However, most course participants can finish the course in 50-80 hours.

    You are given 12 months to complete the course, so the finish time depends on whether you spend 2 hours per day or 2 hours per week or 2 hours per month.

    You work at your own pace and your tutor will help you along the way.

On a budget?

BONUS! Increase your salary!

With our convenient payment plan, you can slowly pay for your professional development.

Once you have the skills and confidence that you need, you can ask for a well deserved raise. The course will more than pay for itself.

Success Story

Donatella Di Paolo from Italy

"I was pleasantly surprised to find such a good course online, I wasn't sure if what I had let myself in for would have been everything it said it would be.

I was actually very happy to see that it was more than I had hoped for.

The tutor was fantastic and really helped me to understand how to improve my teaching method.

The tasks and assignments helped me to understand how to prepare for possible problems in the classroom, to put myself into my children's shoes, to review my teaching skills and update them through the various reading tasks.

Overall the course helped me to be more confident in my teaching methods and to be aware of the new ways of teaching English we have today thanks to technology."

For her course certification project, Donatella developed a lesson plan that focused on using technology in the classroom. A "Case Study" describing Donatella's use of technology was added to a section of the CertTEYL course called "Using Technology in the Classroom".

What about the Cambridge and Trinity College courses?

These British courses have a longstanding good reputation around the globe; however, we feel that our CertTEYL course surpasses these qualifications.

They give a bit too much importance to assessment and other fields because they are trying to sell their own published resources, test systems for your students, and even a test for teachers.

Until recently, their offerings for teaching Young Learners concentrated on extension courses. First you learn how to teach adults and then you add how to teach children as an afterthought.

Our CertTEYL course does not subscribe to a specific method or approach to teaching, rather, it prepares you to face any situation.

We will give you the skills, knowledge, and confidence to be a great teacher -- leave assessment and testing to others, we are here for your professional development and nothing else :)
Better than Cambridge and Trinity College courses.

Course Features

The CertTEYL course was designed with evidence-based principles that will help you learn in an intuitive and stress-free environment.

From PDF forms for course submissions to a personal workbook to  digital certificates, the CertTEYL course is designed to keep you learning and spending less time trying to learn a new course system.  The video below will take you on a tour of the course.

Success Stories

Spain and Japan

"The course was really helpful for me. I started dealing with young learners at the same time I was doing the course and I found it very beneficial.

I learned the kind of resources to use, how to deal with discipline, understanding the WHY's and acting consequently. I liked the advice and comments from my tutor and the forum."

Sonia Riveros - Colombian ESL teacher working in Spain

"I really enjoy reading the articles and am very glad to get so many teaching ideas and resources from the course...

I genuinely admire the course, as it is really helpful for the practical side of teaching. I thank you again for your courtesy..."

Yuko Akamatsu - Teacher in Japan

About our course tutors

They make a big difference in your learning experience

  • What is a course tutor?

    Courses normally have an instructor, so why a tutor? An instructor is for several or many students at a time.

    A tutor is more like a private instructor, somebody there one-to-one. Your tutor will guide your way through the course and help you get the most of your learning.

  • Communicating with your tutor.

    You will have personal contact with your tutor via email. Because we are global, it is impossible to communicate in real time over so many different time zones.

    For the course work that you submit for evaluation, your tutor will communicate with you through submission forms.

  • Are the tutors nice?

    Yes. Your tutor knows exactly what it is like to teach English to children because they have done it themselves.

    Your tutor also knows how difficult it it to complete a course like this online. They will be patient, helpful, and nice.

Success Stories

New Zealand and Canada

"This course was equal to a Master's Degree Paper.

It certainly added another dimension to my teaching.

I would recommend this course to anyone whether you teach ESOL to children or adults.

The presentation, content and help were professionally given at all stages."

Phillip Smith - An American teaching in New Zealand. In addition to writing about the New Zealand school curriculum, and other impressive credentials, Mr. Smith also has BSc degree, a Teaching Diploma (Adults), two diplomas in Business Administration and Writing, a Cert TESOL, a Cert Communicative Linguistics, a Post Grad Diploma in Teaching Second Languages and a Master of Arts degree in Applied Linguistics.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the CertTEYL course. The layout is very easy to follow and the information well presented.

My tutor was very knowledgeable and encouraged me to think 'outside the box'.

I would recommend this course to anyone interested in working with children and or teaching them English as a second language."

Carol Fedyk - An ESL/ESD - Aboriginal Teacher's Assistant in B.C., Canada.

Sign up for the CertTEYL course and get started right away!

The best course available for those who teaching English to children.

MORE Success Stories

Malaysia, Qatar, and Singapore

"I really appreciated the fast feedback I got to my assignments and the flexible approach of my tutor.

As I already have teacher qualifications, most of the material was not new to me but it was a good refresher course and confirmed for me that I am doing the right things in the classroom and in my teacher training workshops."

Alison Lyall - Australian who teaches children and trains teachers in Malaysia.

"I enjoyed the course immensely because it encouraged me to read extensively and formulate my own teaching approaches.

Unlike other teaching courses, which can often be very dogmatic, it taught me to think for myself and trust in my own judgement.

This course will be beneficial for anyone who wishes to broaden their understanding of TEYL, as well as for those who seek to develop as ELT teachers generally." 

Owen Connor - British teacher who works in Qatar teaching mostly 16-17 year olds.

"I had been looking for a course for a long time that focused on teaching, not making teachers aware of English grammar and testing. It sounds paradoxical but I did not find many teaching certificates that were focused specifically on helping teachers to teach better! I feel like this course really did that - I was able to implement a lot of the course skills/focal areas in my classroom immediately.

I have been teaching ESL for five years and have completed post-graduate qualifications in education - I found this course clear, relevant to my classroom and helpful for improving my overall teaching approach. The certificate has been well-recognised by potential employers also.

I have enjoyed working on this. My work was always marked quickly by my tutor and all feedback was thorough, constructive, relevant and supportive."

Tracy Dominey - A New Zealander who teaches ESL in Singapore.

Success Stories

South Korea, Switzerland, and Bahrain

"Most of all, I'm grateful to my tutor... Whenever I was feeling down, he cheered me up so that I was able to complete the course successfully. I really enjoyed it and I can teach English with much more confidence now. I truly recommend this course to you. Thank you, TEYL!!"

Yoonkyung Cho teaches English in a private academy in Daegu, South Korea.

"Even though I have been teaching children English for a long time, I learned a lot from the course.

There were some subjects about teaching children that I had never thought about, and thus I was surprised by learning information in these areas.

The course is very flexible - allowing students to advance at their own rhythm. This was essential for me since I have a family with three children and a teaching job.

I enjoyed the communications with my tutor; I was also surprised by the amount of information that I learned directly from him.

A big thank you for providing this type of program!"

Robin Brown-Frossard - American ESL teacher and Mind Management Trainer in Switzerland.

"I found the course to be very enjoyable. It really gave me a solid foundation of the many facets of teaching English to young children.

The reading required for the course conveyed many of the reasons why children learn the way they do and also provided me with a better grasp on how to put the material into action through my teaching style.

Before taking the course I had taught in Asia for three years and have always had some reservations about my teaching style. But upon completion of the course my previous reservations have been washed away with the help of the knowledge I gained through the course."

Gregory Bracco - American ESL teacher in South Korea.

"It was a great learning experience. Though I have been teaching for the last 15 years I learned a lot of new and innovative ideas. Can't wait to use them in the classroom.Thanks.

This course is very useful not only for people beginning their teaching careers but also for practicing teachers. It provides you with excellent and innovative strategies that can be used in different classroom situations."

Sadaf Karim - Pakistani EFL Teacher in Bahrain.


Advanced Teacher Training is now part of Potential Plus

The CertTEYL was provided by Advanced Teacher Training for the past 20 years.

Now, it's part of a bigger education group to provide more options for you and more stability for the long-term future. Potential Plus
Advanced Teacher Training is now part of Maxwell Education Group

Success Stories

Italy, Bolivia, and France

"I found the course extremely interesting and stimulating. It helped me to be more introspective about my methodology of teaching and reawakened the need to explore and discover my approach and my teaching method.

I am very grateful for all the attention, help and personal guidance given by my tutor.

This course is for anybody who wants to deepen and enrich their knowledge and approach in teaching methods. It also suits those who want to take on a personal challenge and discover new capabilities."

Katherine Mazzocchini - Teaches English in Italy.

"What I loved about this course is that it has unveiled a world of new and inspiring ideas. The variety of its content was huge, as was the discovery of endless resource possibilities. I mostly enjoyed developing the creativity in elaborating new material and reusable resources on my own and for the specific needs of my students. I loved the clarity of each section and the freedom I had to organize my time throughout the course. In other words, I truly loved it!

I have successfully taught English for many years, but I took this course because I want to open a language school for very young learners. Although I have worked with children, I thought that it could help me learn more about how they acquire language. Not only do I feel confident about starting my new project with little ones, but I now have so much more insight on better ways of teaching my older students as well. Thanks to my wonderful tutor, I have discovered how to become a better and happier teacher.

My advice to anyone taking this course is not to be in a rush. I started it with the idea of completing it as soon as I could, but very soon I realized that it was important to take my time so that I could look into specific subjects more profoundly in order to develop knowledge and new ideas according to my own needs. This course was the best investment I have made for my new school!"

Gisella Chavez - ESL teacher in Bolivia.

 "The course content was surprisingly interesting and vast. My tutor, was great, competent, consistent and very punctual in her responses. She's a good counselor and I greatly appreciated our correspondence.

Great overview of what education has been, great presentation of what education can become and is becoming in some places; new approaches based on serious and long term research. Gives necessary and serious guidelines as to what it means to be a teacher in a variety of situations. Provides a big selection of resources that helps new or relatively new teachers choose reliable websites for info and class exercises.

Helen Pinneo - ESL teacher in France.

Increase your skills, knowledge, and confidence!

If you teach English to children anywhere around the globe, this is the course for you.

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