Teaching English to Young Learners

The TEYL Professional offers online and in-person courses and services specifically tailored to those who teach English to children. Ideally for those who teach young learners aged six to twelve, but also beneficial for those who work with very young learners and teens.


TEYL = Teaching English to Young Learners

Over the last twenty years, we have become the leading global provider of TEYL professional development. Together with experts in the field, we have assembled the most up to date methods and approaches. We recognize that each teacher has their own ideas and thoughts about teaching English to children – we respect the teacher as a true professional.

Created by teachers for teachers.

Our courses provide practical, proven, research-based solutions that can easily be applied to your classroom experience. You'll improve your skills, knowledge, and confidence through our interactive online courses, in-person practicum sessions and other valuable services.

We provide the CertTEYL (Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners) as the core of our system. However, soon you will be able to participate in mini-courses, specialization courses, webinars and many other engaging professional development activities.

Our in-person practicum sessions will be starting up again in 2024. The first two locations will be in Portugal and in Japan. Many more locations will follow in the future.


  • Achieve a greater understanding of your students, and learn how to motivate and inspire them.
  • Reduce the amount of time spent preparing your learning activities and lesson plans.
  • Explore and create your own teaching methods and approaches.
  • Enrich your professional standing through our globally recognized certification system.
  • Improve yourself with new, efficient and cost-effective professional development options.
  • Gain access to leading educational research-based knowledge.
  • Digital certificate that is instant, shareable, and verifiable at course completion.

We Keep Good Company

Advanced Teacher Training is now The TEYL Professional Academy.

The CertTEYL has been provided by Advanced Teacher Training for the past 20 years.

We are now part of a bigger education group to offer you more options and stability for the long-term future.