Advanced Teacher Training

The Advanced Certificate Program for those who
Teach English to Young Learners



Once payment is received, your user name and password will be e-mailed to you. You cannot change your password after you log on.

You will be provided with a username and password to log into the course website. You are responsible for maintaining this data in a secure place where it cannot be used by others.

The username and password is for your exclusive use as a registered course participant and cannot be shared or given to others.

You must immediately notify us if your password security/privacy is breached or you lose your username and/or password.

When registering you must provide complete and accurate data about yourself. If you provide false or incorrect information, we have the right to cancel your account and/or revoke your certification.


We reserve the right to change the content of the course website without prior notice.

You are strictly prohibited from downloading, printing, copying or duplicating the content of the site, which is the sole property of Advanced Teacher Training.

You may print or download items for the purpose of completing the course, for personal use, but you must not distribute or use course materials for any other reason.


Course participants have 6-18 months to complete the course after enrollment depending on the following levels of service:

TEYL PRO - 6 months
TEYL PRO Plus - 12 months
TEYL PRO Platinum - 12 months + free 6 month extension if required.

A further extension of six to twelve months can be given at the discretion of the tutor and/or Advanced Teacher Training. The extension fees are listed at www.teyl.com/extension.html and are payable before the end of the initial twelve month course period.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Course extensions are only valid while your course account is still open. After your course account expires or your account is closed, you are subject to a reactivation fee of US$100.00. The reactivation fee is only accepted within 12 months of your course account expiry or closure. If you do not extend your course account before it expires or your account is closed, you will also have to pay for the 12 month extension, you cannot extend for only 6 months under these circumstances.

Last minute attempts to complete the course will not be tolerated.

No last minute "I want to complete the course in two weeks!" will be accepted. The course can take at least three months to complete and your tutor has other participants that have not left things to the last moment.

If you need to complete the course to obtain a visa, or for employment purposes, or for any other reason, by a certain date, give yourself enough time to finish the course. Do not pressure your tutor to accelerate the course completion rate. Do not submit more than one or two items for grading/feedback at a time and give your tutor enough time to respond.


Reference letters are supplied to course graduates as a courtesy service. We must follow Canadian/International laws and standards for educational institutes. We will NOT provide blank references. All letters of reference must be addressed to specific person and will be sent to that person by regular mail (no emails or faxes). The person may be an employer, school director, or other third party. The content of the letter will not be revealed to the course participant or course graduate.

All requests for letters of reference or recommendation must used this REQUEST FORM

No last minute requests! We can take up to two weeks to write a letter and send it. We will ship the letters by regular airmail. We will not track your letters nor use any other shipping methods. If you need a letter, please give us at least four weeks notice to get it on time. We cannot guarantee in any way, or be responsible for, any outcome as the result of delivery or nondelivery of the letter.

Because tutors do not know the course participants personally, they usually cannot write a good letter of recommendation. The letter of reference can only be based on the correspondence/work done on the CertTEYL course and will not include statements about the character of the course participant.

Please explain your needs with professionalism and respect. We only respond to polite requests and will not tolerate any demands or rudeness.

You will be issued a transcript and a certificate upon successful completion of the course. The certificate will contain a numbered security hologram sticker that can be verified on a database via the Internet (to ensure authenticity).

Replacement transcripts or certificates have a fee of US$50.00 and will be sent within 10 business days after the fee payment has been made. The fee is the same whether replacing the certificate, or the transcript, or both.

We can only issue original transcripts/certificates. We cannot issue COPIES of transcripts/certificates in any form. We cannot issue transcripts by email, fax, or any other electronic format.

You may request unofficial transcripts for personal use by contacting our Registrar's office. The transcript will state that it is not an official transcript, it will not be signed or stamped, and must not be used in any way as an official document.


There are three levels of tutor support and each level is explained below:

TEYL PRO - Tutor support is limited to the course content. The course participant can ask any questions related to the information present in the course. The course participant can also discuss what they currently do in their classrooms and exchange ideas with the tutor. However, the tutor will not find classroom solutions for issues at greater depth with this service level.

TEYL PRO Plus - This service level is the same as the TEYL PRO level above with an additional six hours of tutor support to deal with classroom issues or professional development at a personal level. The tutor will provide ideas and solutions

TEYL PRO Platinum - This service level has no restrictions in terms of how much time the tutor will spend finding solutions and giving you ideas and feedback. However, unlimited tutor support has to be within reason and within the scope of the course and/or the needs of the teacher participating in the course. Advanced Teacher Training can, at its own sole discretion, decide if the course participant is abusing this privilege and limit the contact time to a reasonable amount.

You must treat the tutor with respect and in a professional manner. Course participants may get frustrated with some aspects of the course or disagree with the feedback or grading provided by the tutor, this is not an excuse to personally attack your tutor and/or the course. Your tutor is ready to discuss and/or help in resolving any issues. Please be polite to your tutor.

Do not pressure your tutor to accelerate the course completion rate. Do not submit more than one or two items for grading/feedback at a time and give your tutor enough time to respond.

Your tutor may not be able to respond immediately if she/he is away from the computer, not working on the weekend, or has taken a day off, holidays, or is ill. Your tutor will try to contact you to inform you of any delays. You may receive an automatic email notice that will state if your tutor is away for several days.

Advanced Teacher Training tutors are trained and paid as independent workers responsible for their own feedback to course participants. While we cannot guarantee their qualifications, we do our best to make sure that the tutors have a certain degree of expertise in teaching ESL/EFL to children. We may or may not preview the tutor's feedback before it is offered. Those taking the CertTEYL must agree to hold harmless Advanced Teacher Training from any and all claims arising from the actions of its tutors.


For the TEYL PRO Plus and TEYL PRO Platinum service levels there is priority tutor and technical support

For the TEYL PRO Platinum service level there is an additional priority registrar's support. This is for issuing of transcripts/certificates, course extensions, etc.

The TEYL PRO service level does not have priority status, but we will do our best to respond to your needs in an efficient manner. Respond times will be very reasonable.

At any service level there may circumstances that will delay our response time. These could include but are not limited to power outages, technology failure, illness, no access to office due to bad weather, holidays, and any other unforseen circumstances.


Professional courtesy and respect are expected at all times. Any disrespectful language or rude behavior toward any other course participant or toward your tutor or any staff member of Advanced Teacher Training is strictly prohibited.

Any conduct deemed inappropriate by Advanced Teacher Training will result in immediate suspension or cancellation of the course account and/or revocation of the certificate, transcript, or any other documents.

There is a zero tolerance policy against flaming in Advanced Teacher Training's online forum for the CertTEYL E-Learning course. Flaming constitutes harsh criticism, ridicule, or any language used to debase or slander a person or group of people. Any person "flaming" in the forum will be immediately removed from the list WITHOUT REFUND OR TRANSFER. Course participants who fail to adhere to this guideline may be permanently banned from Advanced Teacher Training's websites and public forums.


Academic records of course participants and course graduates are ultimately the property of Advanced Teacher Training, and it is the responsibility of the Advanced Teacher Training to establish overall policy in this area.

A student's request to examine a part of his or her official student academic record shall be made in writing and shall be complied with by the responsible authorities in Advanced Teacher Training. Such compliance shall occur within 30 days of receipt of the request.

Members of the teaching and administrative staff of Advanced Teacher Training shall have access to relevant portions of an official student academic record for purposes related to the performance of their duties. A staff member requesting information must have a legitimate need to have the requested information for the effective functioning of the position or office.

Advanced Teacher Training reserves the right to withhold access to the statements of results and transcripts of students, alumni and former students who have outstanding debts or obligations to Advanced Teacher Training. We may also choose not to release the official certificate to such persons nor to provide written or oral certifications of certification on their behalf.


Any course participant wishing clarification about, or who is dissatisfied with, an assigned grade should first discuss the matter with the tutor, who will review the work in question. This discussion should take place within 15 days of the grade being available. If the tutor agrees to change a grade before the final course grades have been submitted the matter shall be deemed resolved.

If the tutor confirms the original grade, then the course participant should appeal to the Registrar's Office, stating clearly the grounds on which the grade should be raised. A review of the grade will be initiated using the procedures adopted by Advanced Teacher Training

The grade determined by means of a review shall be recorded as the final official grade, irrespective of whether it is identical to, or higher or lower than, the original grade.

ALL tasks, assignments, and other components that are designated to be submitted for grading must be completed to a satisfactory level.

The minimum passing grade for the CertTEYL E-Learning course is 70.0 out of 100.0. All submissions must be completed to a satisfactory level even if the grade is above 70.0 out of 100.0. The course tutor, head tutor, and/or Advanced Teacher Training can refuse to issue a certificate to any course participant who is deemed not worthy of the certificate for any reason.

Protection of Freedom of Expression: Course participants should be free to take reasoned exception to the data or views offered in any course of study and to reserve judgment about matters of opinion, but they are responsible for learning the content of any course of study in which they are enrolled.

Protection against Improper Academic Evaluation: Course participants should have protection through orderly procedures against prejudices or capricious academic evaluation. Course participants remain responsible, however, for maintaining standards of academic performance in each course in which they are enrolled.

All course participants are required to complete ALL the work in the course, including, but not limited to: tasks, assignments, quizzes, project, participation, readings.

Any course work will be refused a passing grade if it is deficient in English. When a tutor has reasonable grounds for believing a course participant lacks the necessary skills in written English, the instructor, can require the course participant to resubmit the work and/or if the English language deficiency merits it, recommend that the course participant be expelled from the course.


Plagiarism and cheating are misrepresentations of your own work in the course. They constitute an ethical breach of conduct and reflect poorly on you as a course participant and as a professional. Advanced Teacher Training takes plagiarism and cheating seriously and course participants who are caught doing either will be sanctioned. At our sole discretion, we may decide on a range of actions up to and including expulsion from the course.

If you are in any doubt about the guidelines for an assignment in any course, contact the instructor for clarification. Do not put yourself in a position where you thought collaboration was permitted, when it was not.


The following are the requirements for the CertTEYL E-Learning course to work on your computer:
  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Google Chrome 17 or higher, Firefox 20 or higher, Safari 5 or higher, Opera 11 or higher.NOTE 1
  2. Adobe Flash Player.*
  3. Adobe PDF Reader.*
  4. Your Internet browser must be Javascript enabled.
  5. A connection to the Internet (56k minimum).
  6. A screen display of 600x800 or higher.
  7. A 16-bit or higher color video display.
  8. An email account which you can use exclusively.

*These programs are usually already installed. All of these programs can be obtained FREE on the Internet.

NOTE 1 The course will work on most Internet browsers but some very minor non-essential functionality may be limited or not available. The course will also work on earlier versions of the software listed, but we cannot guarantee the reliability of the software. Upgrades are available for free. The course may also work on Android devices and other tablets; however, we do not offer support related to those devices.

Some countries (Example: China) restrict access or censor access to certain websites that are linked to in the CertTEYL E-Learning course. Although we have tried to avoid these websites, we are not liable or responsible for these restrictions nor the effect they will have on the course participant.


We will not be responsible or provide compensation for any minor functions in the course that do not work if they do not seriously impede the completion of the course, including but not limited to: broken links, My Grades, My Notes, My TTD List, Course Progress checkboxes, forum, forms for submissions, etc.


There are no refunds of any course fee amounts paid by installments.

There are no absolutely no refunds once you have submitted your first task for grading/feedback. If a refund is requested between the time of course fee payment (provided that you have NOT submitted your first task for grading/feedback) and less than 5 days, Advanced Teacher Training can use its sole discretion to grant a partial or full refund.

Refunds may be granted for medical and other personal reasons at the sole discretion and determination of Advanced Teacher Training. We may also refund part or all of the course fee, the amount determined by Advanced Teacher Training, if there are any specific technical or other problems that prevent the user from accessing the course. This does not include any issues that the course participant may have with their computer or other device used to access the course.

If you have successfully finished the course, submitted all required tasks, assignments, tests, quizzes, projects, and do not want your certificate and/or transcript, (and neither has been issued to you) for reasons of dissatisfaction, a refund can be given under the following conditions:

  1. You must successfully complete all the tasks, assignments and final certification project with passing grades to qualify for the refund. Your tutor will verify that you have completed the full course.
  2. There are no full refunds or any partial refunds if the course has not been completed. The course must be completed by the person who enrolled for the course -- no transfers.
  3. If you request the full refund and are qualified to receive it as per items 1 and 2, you will not be issued a final certificate or transcript. No refunds will be granted after the CertTEYL certificate and/or transcript has been issued to the client.
  4. This guarantee does not apply to the TRIAL version of the course nor any fees paid for the TRIAL version of the course.
  5. You fill out a refund request form.
  6. Advanced Teacher Training may refuse to issue a refund for any reason and at its sole discrection.


Under the terms of this agreement, you expressly acknowledge, accept, and agree that Advanced Teacher Training shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or exemplary damages, including but not limited to: damages for loss of profits, goodwill, use, data or other intangible losses resulting from the use or the inability to use the services; the cost of procurement of substitute goods and services resulting from any goods, data, information or services purchased or obtained or messages received or transactions entered into through or from the services; the unauthorized access to or alteration of your transmissions of data, statements or conduct of any third party on the services; or, any other matter relating to the services.

Under the terms of this agreement, you expressly acknowledge, accept, and agree that Advanced Teacher Training shall not be liable for any of the aforementioned damages you might experience through use of its services even if Advanced Teacher Training has been advised of the possibility of such damages.


We require that all those who take part in Advanced Teacher Training's CertTEYL E-learning course, tutor or course participant, accept the following terms and conditions:

Each course participant's and/or tutor's lessons, assignments, work, and correspondence is copyrighted property and cannot be copied, duplicated, posted on another web site, or otherwise used without the original author's consent. Conversations, posted messages, and information contained on this site are private and cannot be copied, duplicated, forwarded, or conveyed to anyone else without the original author's (tutor's and/or Advanced Teacher Training Inc.) permission. All students are responsible to make sure that they have met the prerequisites and requirements prior to taking the course. By enrolling in the CertTEYL online course, you indicate that you accept these terms.

Advanced Teacher Training's E-Learning course CertTEYL is instructional, however we claim no affiliation with universities, schools, or accredited learning programs. Those taking our CertTEYL E-Learning course does not earn academic credits and we cannot guarantee academic credit of any sort upon completion of our E-Learning course.

You may not use any of the materials or ideas found in the course or provided by the tutor to create your own teacher training course. You may not in any way use the content of the course or its likeness to initiate your own course or any other teacher training venture. The course content, the way the information is presented, the course style and design are all copyrighted by Advanced Teacher Training.

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Advanced Teacher Training and its staff from any claims arising from the actions of other course participants.


We will use the personal identification information that you supply us (such as name, billing address, e-mail address, telephone number, credit card processor reports/notifications, etc.) to provide the products and services that you have requested/enrolled in, to process and ship information, to send order and shipping confirmations, and to provide customer service. We also may collect and store information about you that we receive from other sources to enable us to update and correct the information contained in our database.

We also collect and store certain non-personal information automatically whenever you interact with the course web site. For example, we may collect your IP address, browser information and reference site domain name every time you visit the course site. This information is used to analyze and improve the course site, as well as provide our users with a fulfilling learning experience.

We or our service providers may release personal identification information if we believe in good faith that the law or legal process requires it, we have received a valid administrative request from a law enforcement agency, or such release is necessary to protect anyone's rights, property, or safety.


Any attempt to enter the course other than with the assigned user name and password will result in immediate suspension of your account. Any malicious attempt to access or modify the course will result in suspension of your account and reporting to the proper police and other authorities.


Advanced Teacher Training reserves the right (and sole discretion), to stop, cease, terminate, restrict, suspend or remove your specific access to any or all parts of any (or all) services provided by Advanced Teacher Training, including (but not restricted to) E-Learning courses, interactive features, course request processing, promotion of any/all classes, award/certificate processing, or any general use of our service at any time for any reason without prior notice or liability. Advanced Teacher Training may modify, suspend or discontinue all or any part of our service at any time, including the availability of any content (electronic, data or otherwise), feature, database, awards, courses, certificates, logs, or anything else that we retain, use, or publish as part of our service at any time, without prior notice or liability.


Please direct any questions, comments or problems to: info @ teyl.com (note, remove spaces for correct email address)