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Request for a Letter of Recommendation

All letters will be sent directly to the institutions. There is only one exception to this policy: Letters to institutions that have specifically provided the student with envelopes for the purpose of the letters being included with the application.

You must waive your right to access the letter of recommendation or a letter will not be written for you.

Please do not write the letters of recommendation or sample letters of recommendation for the person giving you the reference unless requested.

Letters will state that you participated in an online course (if you have done so) and will also state the level of knowledge about the person and how it was obtained. Letters will be honest and straightforward and will not contain any embellishments nor any information that can not be confirmed by the person writing the letter.

All letters require a minimum of 15 business days to be shipped and may require up to 4 weeks to complete. This time does not include any holidays or other breaks. If you have not given provisions for at least 4 weeks to receive the letter, then the letter will not be written.

Your name:

Course participant ID (TEYLxxxx):

Your email address:

recommendation letter for academic purposes
recommendation letter for employment purposes
recommendation for promotion/salary increase

Name of person you are requesting letter from (Eg. Tutor's Name):

Recommendation Letter Information

When does this letter need to reach the institution? (Ex. October 18, 2011):

Name of person/committee who will receive the letter:

Position/Title of this person:
Dr. Mr. Ms. Mrs. Miss

Address of institution to send letter (not your address):

Reason that you are requesting this letter (be very specific):

Points you wish to be covered in the letter:

Who else have you asked for a letter of recommendation for the same purpose? Please include their name, title, and who they work for.

Name, title, and institution 1:

Name, title, and institution 2:

Name, title, and institution 3:

I will send you a special envelope provided for the recommendation letter.

I need other papers filled out and I will send them to you by
PDF file Regular mail Fax

Forms that are incomplete or difficult to understand will not be forwarded to the person to whom you are making the request.

Advanced Teacher Training, at its sole discretion, will decide if the request for a letter will or will not be forwarded to person from which you have asked for a letter. You will be notified of whether or not the request was forwarded.

Tutors, other employees, or agents, of Advanced Teacher Training can refuse to write a letter of recommendation for any reason. This usually happens if the person writing the letter does not have 100% positive things to say or if they feel that another person may be a better choice to write a letter. This is especially true of participants of the online course where the tutor may not know much about you or your abilities.

Because of time constraints, travel plans, holidays, work schedules, the person you are asking to write the recommendation may not have enough time to complete the letter. Make sure that you give them plenty of time to have your letter delivered on time (4 weeks is the very minimum).

** All letters will be reviewed by Advanced Teacher Training before being mailed out.

I agree to all of these terms and I allow Advanced Teacher Training to review this request form and the letter. I waive all rights to see the letter and agree that it will be sent directly to the person or institution requesting the letter.

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